Read The Bible This Year - Digital and Audiobook


Read The Bible This Year - Digital and Audiobook


A Step-By-Step Guide for Overcoming Obstacles to the Best Book You'll Ever Read

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Would you like to get more out of Bible reading? Have you tried to read the Bible consistently but found yourself running into difficulties?

For many of us, the Bible is like an unopened treasure chest. There are amazing riches inside, but we don't know how to access them on a regular basis. 

Perhaps you face challenges like a non-stop schedule, constant distractions, or just the simple fact that doing something every day is hard! 

In this practical, to-the-point book, you will find a proven solution for Bible-reading success. Read The Bible This Year gets you past the challenges and helps you develop a consistent, meaningful Bible-reading rhythm.

This book will show you:
- The 4 obstacles to regular Bible reading
- Proven strategies for anticipating and overcoming each one
- An easy-to-implement 5-step process that promises consistent, enjoyable Bible reading
- How to succeed in reaching your Bible-reading goal, however audacious it is

Read The Bible This Year guides you into becoming a consistent, enthusiastic, and well-rewarded Bible reader. It offers the key to unlock the treasures of the Bible. 

Don't wait any longer. Start now to enjoy all that the Bible has to offer!

"Once I started reading this book I looked forward to reading it every chance I could get."

-Patricia Bivens

"Ed provides a great action plan with strategies and encouragement to stay the distance and be consistent."


"Ed gives gentle encouragement to a difficult task."

-Gregg Burch