Hi, my name is Ed Burdette.  I'm the host of One Year Bible Podcast, where each day we seek to know God by listening to his word. 

This podcast began as a way for me to read the whole Bible myself - something I had never done before.  By following this podcast, you will listen to the entire Bible in a year, beginning with Genesis in January and completing Revelation in December.  Daily readings are 10 to 20 minutes long, and are posted every day on this website, as well as on iTunes and Stitcher.   I read from the One Year Bible in the English Standard Version.

Along with my interest in the Bible, I am passionate about issues around vocation and career.  I write on these topics at my personal website, EdBurdette.com.

Listening to God's word can become a regular part of your life as you drive to work, take a break during the day, or relax in the evening.  Over time this rhythm will have a positive effect for your good.  If you benefit from this podcast, please make a donation using the button below.